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Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic: What's the difference?

An urgent care is a great option to get immediate care for you or your loved one. However, you come across a walk-in clinic and wonder if they're the same. Urgent care, immediate care clinic, retail clinic, walk-in clinic are all for the most part similar with a few minor differences in the services they provide. Emergency rooms (ERs) in hospitals are also classified as walk-in clinics, because you can always walk into an ER for medical care.

So what exactly is a walk-in clinic

A walk-in clinic is the easiest to understand. All it necessarily means is that you can get walk-in medical care without having to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Most urgent care clinics are also walk-in clinics, though they do let you schedule an appointment. We at Prognify Urgent Care love walk-ins, and you can get access to immediate care. And, if you want to skip waiting we also offer options to schedule ahead. We also allow you to get care from the comfort of your home with our virtual care options.

Retail clinic

Retail clinics are walk-in clinics typically setup inside large retail stores like Target and Walmart, or at pharmacies like CVS. They usually treat for minor illnesses like flu, and strep. Retail clinic hours are usually dependent on the retail store hours.

Urgent care clinics

Urgent care clinics offer more services and can treat more conditions. Most urgent cares are equipped with X-Ray equipment on-site and can provide non-emergency care for unexpected illnesses or injuries like broken bones, burns etc. which the retail clinic may not be equipped to treat. Urgent care clinics also accept walk-ins and have low wait times. Urgent care clinics are also open early, close late, and are usually open on weekends.

Key Takeaway: Urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics are broadly similar

Urgent care clinics and walk-in clinics are terms that can be used somewhat interchangeably. We at Prognify Urgent Care welcome walk-in patients and on average the patients are in and out within an hour.

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