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Insurance Accepted

Convenient flu clinics at your worksite. Reduce healthcare costs and increase retention and employee commitment with onsite flu shots. We accept most employee insurance for the on-site flu clinic!

Onsite flu shots for employees

Onsite flu vaccinations allow employers to control workplace health and safety as they protect staff from the influenza virus. When you host an onsite flu clinic, a specialist visits your workplace and administers flu shots so your employees don’t even have to leave the office. Worksite flu shots help protect employees from developing influenza, preventing the use of the sick time they would normally take to recover. Offering flu shots to employees via workplace flu clinics is a great way to make flu shots accessible to all workers. We also accept most types of employee insurance for setting up the onsite flu clinics.

Key advantages of workplace flu shots

There are many key advantages to workplace flu shots:
  • They help to reduce the transmission of flu amongst employees.
  • Onsite flu shots provide mass immunizations, making sure as many employees are protected as possible.
  • Onsite flu clinics make shots accessible and convenient.
  • Generally, workplace flu clinics increase the number of employees who opt for a flu vaccination, creating a win-win situation for the employees and employers.
  • Flu shots for employees help to reduce costs by decreasing the time missed from work to acquire vaccinations.
  • Flu shots are generally covered by employee insurance plans.

How to get a flu shot at Prognify Urgent Care?

We offer two different ways to obtain a flu shot:
  • Your employees can visit our website to schedule an appointment at one of our medical offices.
  • Your HR team can book an in-office flu clinic popup.

How does a Workplace Pop-up Flu Clinic work?

When your HR team organizes an onsite flu shots via an office pop-up, we make it easy to ensure all your employees get vaccinated:

  • Your HR team schedules the flu clinic pop-up.
  • Our providers convert an office or conference room at your work location into a private pop-up flu clinic.
  • Employees can schedule ahead or just walk into the pop-up flu clinic.
  • A healthcare provider comes in to administer the flu shots.

How do I get my results?

If you’re completing a drug and alcohol screening at the request of your employer, we will be sending the results to your employer. Else, we will send it to your email or mailing address of your choosing.

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