What is Mono?

Updated: Jan 6

Mononucleosis, commonly known as mono is a common but highly contagious disease. Dr. Alamelu on why you should get tested and how you can protect yourself.

Have you ever heard the phrase 'kissing disease', it's most likely a reference to infectious mononucleosis or commonly known as mono. It's most commonly caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), a common type of herpes virus.

You can get mono at any age but is most commonly observed in individuals between the ages of 15 and 25. It's very contagious and you get it through saliva (kissing) but it can also be spread by sharing drinks, food, and eating utensils.

Do you suspect that you might have mono, here are the symptoms that you should pay attention to -


Fever is one of the most common symptoms of mono. It isn't usually a high fever so you might tend to neglect it.

Severe, swollen, sore throat

A sore throat is another common symptom of mono. So if you have a fever with a sore throat, it's better to get tested for mono.

Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes in your armpits and neck are telltale signs of mono. It's unlikely that a cold or flu would lead to swollen glands.

Extreme tiredness

Mono makes your body and muscles ache to lead to fatigue. Fatigue is also common with cold and flu, so you need to get tested to rule out mono.

Night Sweats

Sweating a lot at night could also be another symptom of mono.

What precautions can you take?

Good Hygiene

Practicing basic good hygiene like washing hands regularly, using hand sanitizers, covering your mouth when you cough is an effective way to minimize the spread of any infection.

Be Careful While Sharing

It's a good rule to not share personal items or food. This will greatly reduce the chances of catching a communicable disease.

Avoid Contact Sports

Since mono leads to swollen glands, any injury could lead to further complications. So if you suspect mono, you should avoid contact sports until the results are negative or the symptoms subside.

Treatment options for mono

Unfortunately, there is no specific cure for mono. It's a virus that your immune system fights off, though full recovery could take months.

Get quality care, when you need it

At Prognify Urgent Care we provide rapid mono testing and can give you a diagnosis within a few minutes. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for you to get the care that you need and reduce the stress of emergency care. Contact us by phone at (734) 249 6800 or learn more about the Care we provide.

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