Why you're better off going to an “Urgent Care Near Me” than the ER

Illnesses and accidents can happen at any time and sometimes at the most inopportune moments. Your primary care provider may not be available on such short notice, so when something like this happens, you start searching for the nearest emergency room or hospital. Instead, here is why we think you should be looking for the "nearest urgent care".

Note - this doesn't apply if you think your condition is life-threatening emergency. You should go to the hospital or call 911 if you think it's an emergency.

So if it's not a life-threatening emergency an urgent care is probably your best option. Here's why -

Shorter wait times

There are not dozens of people waiting in line to get treatment. So you can get in, get care, and get on with your day much faster. The average emergency room visit is more than 4 hours, whereas the average Prognify Urgent Care visit is under an hour.


Let's be real here, emergency rooms base their priority on the type of condition. They will prioritize a patient who's bleeding and rushed into the ER over someone with a high fever. This isn't the case in an urgent care facility.

Reduced Risk

Let's face it, emergency rooms often tend to be a petri dish of various conditions. That is expected because they're meant to treat all kind of emergency conditions and in a limited space. Your chance of catching "something else" during your visit to an urgent care facility is much less likely.

Most conditions can be treated

Most urgent cares are usually staffed with a full range of medical professionals, and they can treat most conditions that might warrant a trip to the emergency room. Anything from flu shots, wellness checks, to a fever that just will not go away you could get the treated at an urgent care.

Know your options

So the next time you're looking for emergency care, look for an "urgent care near me" and save yourself a trip to the ER. If you're looking for an urgent care for you and your family's medical needs - look no further.

Your friendly staff at Prognify Urgent Care create a comfortable environment for you and reduces the stress and cost of emergency care. Call us at (734) 249 6800 to know more.

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