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You may know of mono better as the "kissing disease" and it's a reference to mononucleosis or mono. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

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Things to Know About Mono

Who needs to get tested for mono?

Mono is caused by a highly contagious virus, and so anyone who comes in contact with large groups of people can get infected.

What are the typical symptoms of mono?

It depends. Other viruses also cause symptoms similar to mono, that's why doctors recommend getting tested. Some symptoms include:-

  • headache

  • physical weakness

  • fatigue

  • rash - usually pink spots on your skin or your mouth

  • Swelling lymph nodes

Mono is hard to distinguish from common viruses like the flu.

Why should I get tested?

Mono is usually not serious, but occasionally people get secondary infections such as strep. On rare occasions, you can get serious complications like

  • Swelling in your spleen

  • Liver inflammation


Moreover, untreated STDs can also lead to the continued spread of the disease to other individuals.

What is the treatment for mono?

There isn't any specific treatment for mono, though your provider might prescribe a corticosteroid to provide symptomatic relief. 

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